What are the pick-up and drop off times for my child’s session?

Because of Covid-19, our check-in and check-out procedures will be different this year. We are following the CDC guidelines for camps in the state of Texas. Parents and those dropping off and picking up campers will be required to remain in their vehicles. We will have a drive-through check-in and pick-up process this year. Parents will drop their campers off close to their cabins. Camp volunteers will be on hand to assist campers with their belongings and escort them to their cabins. More specific details will be communicated closer to camp.

For Texas Youth Camp 2021 on site Check-in and Check-out times at Forest Glen are:

Teen Session - follow the signs once inside camp to the check in spot

Check In: SUNDAY, June 6th, 2:00 pm

Check Out: FRIDAY, June 11th, 11:00 am

Elementary and Pre-Teen Session - follow the signs once inside camp to the check in spot

Check In: MONDAY, July 26th, 2:00 pm

Check out: SATURDAY, July 31st, 11:00 am

I want to register online, but I have not done so before.

Go to texasyouth.camp and follow the instructions.

When does early registration and registration close?

A deposit of $50 is required by:

Teen Camp May 9, 2021

Preteen/Elementary Camp June 27, 2021

If a deposit is not paid by the appropriate date, then a $25 late fee will be added to the registration fee.

Registration will close on May 23rd for the Teen Session and on July 11th for Elementary and Pre-Teen Session.

There will be no late registrations.

All fees must be paid in full by the registration date.

You may put a $50 deposit down to hold your spot, but your balance due must be paid May 23rd for the Teen Session and by July 11st for the elementary and pre-teen sessions. There will be no refunds or transfers.

Can I make partial payments?

You may make partial payments and options will be presented during the registration process. Your balance due must be paid in full by May 23rd for the Teen Session and by July 11th for the elementary and pre-teen sessions. There will be no refunds or transfers.

Our plans have changed…can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, once registered, there are no refunds for any reason. Once you register, we make a commitment with Forest Glen and are required to pay for that spot. There is a possibility for your camper’s registration fees to transfer to an unregistered new camper, but only with the approval from the camp director. Many factors go into consideration for a transfer to be approved.

Are there second or multiple child/ren discounts?

No. TYC is not able to offer multiple child discounts for registration.

Are there any discounts available for volunteering?

TYC is not able to offer discounts for your child/ren’s registration fee for volunteers or counselors.

How do I volunteer for camp?

Please go to texasyouth.camp and follow the instructions online to volunteer.

Counselors, Interns, and Nurse's Aids will have to register and check in but do not pay registration fees. The registration fee for support staff is considered an expense of camp and is captured within the fee schedule of the campers. See your local ministry if you would like to apply for a scholarship for your child to attend camp.

Are there any scholarships available?

There are no scholarships available directly from Texas Youth Camp. Please see your Ministry Leader (within your Church/Region) for details. All fees must be paid prior to May 23rd for the Teen Session and by July 11th for the elementary and pre-teen sessions. It is the responsibility of the camper to ensure that their account is paid in full. If you are anticipating a scholarship, be sure it is applied before you try to send your child to camp.

What can I expect to eat while at camp?

Our camp venue offers a wide variety of options on their menu. No nuts are served; a salad bar and/or fresh fruit are offered at each meal. Special accommodations can be made for vegetarian diets, gluten free & casein free diets and other food sensitivities. Please indicate what your child’s special needs are when prompted to do so in registration. Our Camp venue foodservice director will be made aware of the need and have choices available to accommodate your child. It is up to your child to monitor his/her food choices.

My child has food allergies. How should we plan for his/her meals at camp?

See above question “What Can I expect to eat at camp?” Additionally, we encourage you to make the First Aide Coordinator and the cabin volunteers aware of his/her food allergies. Our Canteen supply will have many options and we will stay sensitive to common food allergies in our offering. Do not send food with your child. Contact us if you have further questions. If your child has a specific food allergy like “eggs” or “dairy”…please note on your registration form and let the camp administrator know specifically what that allergy means. Can they eat foods that are baked with “eggs” or “dairy” or just not drink a glass of milk or eat scrambled eggs? Please list the severity of the allergy. The more you explain, the more we can meet those needs.

What if I have medicine for my child?

When you register your camper, you will be asked to list all medications that your child needs to take while at camp. Bring your child’s medicine in a gallon sized ziplock bag with their name, camp session, birth date, and dosage written on the outside with a sharpie. The parent needs to turn the medicine into the nurse upon check in.

Are there additional forms I need to fill out and bring with me?

All medical and release forms have been incorporated into our registration process including an online electronic signature. When you register, you will be required to sign with that electronic signature pad.

What if my child has lice when she is checked by the nurse?

We encourage to check your child before driving to camp. If lice is found on your child’shead during the check in process, your camper will be sent home without a refund.

What do I need to bring to camp?

Please refer to the camper handbook for a detailed list of things to bring and things NOT to bring to camp. Electronic devices including cell phones will be confiscated if brought to camp, even if only used as a Bible. Make sure your child has a hard copy of the bible. Thanks!

Where is camp located?

The Texas Youth Camp will be at Forest Glen Camp. They are a professional camp facility located in Huntsville, Texas. Directions can found on the Forest Glen website: http://forestglen.org/directions/

Be sure to print a copy of the map. We cannot guarantee GPS devices will take you via the most direct route.

I think my child is mature enough to go to the next session even though they do not make the cut-off.

Camp session grade levels are set to provide an appropriate age group for each camp session for the safety and enjoyment for your child and others. No exceptions will be made.

My child has a friend coming to camp and would like to attend with them.

That is great! The same registration rules apply to all camp registrants. If there is space available at the time of registration, you can secure a spot.

What if my child leaves something at camp?  Lost & Found?

At Forest Glen during check-out be sure to look at the Lost & Found table for any possible lost items. Please be sure to instruct your child to check thoroughly before they leave. All left items will be discarded or donated.

How can I volunteer to serve as a Counselor, Jr. Aide?

There are limited number of designated spots for Junior Aides. The session directors will be choosing the junior aides from all the Texas teen ministries.

I have another question that isn't listed here, who should I call?

Contact Director Barrett O'Connell or Registration Coordinator Jennifer Rodgers.

Barrett O’Connell: director@texasyouth.camp

Jennifer Rodgers: info@texasyouth.camp

What is the mask requirement for campers and volunteers?

Masks will be required at all times except when in the cabin, eating, sleeping, and participating in outdoor physical activities. Campers and Volunteers will wear masks while outside, but not while participating in strenuous activities. They will wear their masks in the cafeteria except when actively eating or drinking. They will wear their masks during Bible lessons. They will not be required to wear masks while in their cabin or while sleeping.

Daily health checks will be done first thing in the morning before leaving the cabins for the day’s activities.

How will the campers be grouped together?

Campers will be assigned a cabin according to their grade and gender as usual by the directors of each camp session. Each cabin will have at least 2 adults volunteers. Cabins will then be grouped together in cohorts by grade in keeping with Texas and CDC guidelines. If any camper or volunteer within the cohort tests positive for COVID-19 during the week, the cohorts reduce the risk of spread. If someone within the cohort tests positive for COVID-19, all parents within the cohort will be contacted to let them know.

What if a camper shows COVID-19 symptoms?

If a camper shows COVID-19 symptoms, they will immediately be sent to the nurse for evaluation and testing if needed. If a camper tests positive for COVID-19, they will be put in isolation, and the parent will be called to come and pick up their camper immediately. All parents within that camper’s cohort will also be called and given the option to come and pick up their camper. If a volunteer tests positive, the volunteer will leave camp, the cohorts will also be called, and that volunteer will be replaced.

Do we have to test for COVID-19 before coming to camp or quarantine before coming to camp?

Texas Youth Camp is not requiring campers to quarantine or test for COVID-19 before coming to camp. However, please monitor your camper’s symptoms and do not come if they are sick.

Will volunteers be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Texas Youth Camp is not requiring our volunteers to be vaccinated for COVID-19. We are asking if they have been vaccinated so the directors are informed, but it is not mandatory for volunteers to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

Why do I have to upload my child’s immunization record?

Texas law requires that youth camps have a camper’s vaccine record on file. All immunization records will be kept confidential and access will be limited to our administrative staff and medical staff. If your camper is not immunized, please state that on the registration form.

The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory for our campers or volunteers.

What does it mean activities will be structured? Will our kids not be able to choose what activities they do at camp?

In the past, there has been free time for the campers to choose different activities. Due to COVID-19, some choice will be limited. Campers will need to remain within their cohort throughout the week. Directors and volunteers will do everything possible to ensure that campers are able to express their choices. This is a good time to help your camper with flexibility before they go to camp. If you think your camper will struggle with limited choices, then this may be the summer to have them skip camp.